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Bug or something with blizzard Portrait?

Not the same as some issues also looked around didn't see this posted: this is for the M.O.P release of NUI + before this update hit and patch hit two things that never happened now happen: one i saw covered when joining a party/raid the party/frame is empty unless you click the left button: annoying but simple enough

the other issue is the Portait frames use to show a 3.D rendering of just the players face/head and now it shows a small, full 3.d model of the player/target. kinda like how the Worgen models where popping up in the party frames. Is there a fix in works or a mod i can download for NUI+ that is supported that will fix the Portrait? would be awesome the 3.D whole body render just..kinda creeps me out :P lol looks like little zombies >.> i am weird, but it does bother me so wondering if there is a work around.

Thanks for any answers in advance~!