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Heya nooc,

The bar textures are what make your bars look buttonized (like your cooldown bar), or cloudy (like your health bars) or rounded like your cast bar. Each addon should have a section in the options for you to choose the texture you want.

I might suggest, do you need your menu bar, bottom left corner, shown all the time? Most of it has easy to remember keybinds and personally I don't use it very much so even if you click it, perhaps it could be hidden until you mouse over it? Most bar addons have a 'visibility' section for each bar.

I pretty much use a rule that anything I don't need to see more than once every 10mins gets hidden, usually with a 'show on mouseover' option or to be toggled as needed. You might like things showing but it's worth thinking about what you need and want to see all the time over the game world so that you can choose how to arrange them best for you.
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