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yeah the only real problem i have found have been since DS was released. The ultraxion and Madness buttons wouldnt appear, i did a macro to make them appear but they were right over my bars like most extra bars. Back during BWD, and into firelands though i had an addon that allowed me to move that bar over to where the recount is. Unfortunately i dont think that addon ever got updated and since DS i havent been able to use that to move any of my bars around. Recently because i kept forgetting to press the macro going into Heroic Ultrax and such, i wouldnt have my button, i ended up finally keybinding my extraaction button.

Is there any plans on making a fix to how the extra bars/buttons work going into MoP, if needed? 1) making sure they appear, and 2) maybe making them appear elsewhere on the screen so they dont cover a good 10 buttons or so on my bars. or maybe a toggle option between like 2 or 3 locations that a play can choose from.