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This is my second and primary UI I am currently using. Its aim is to be very easy to use, graphically pleasing, well positioned and clean. I try to make it as uncluttered as possible without having to strain your eyes to see everything especially when in a hurry.

I've been working on this UI for many years now and for me its graphically pleasing and everything is well positioned with clever functionality to it such as being able to press the Expand and Retract button to add a new action bar row and move everything up to make room. You can also press the "D" or "H" button next to the chat box to quickly swap layouts from "Damage / Tank" to "Healer". I focused on making it easy and effective to use in the game by making sure that every UI element was kept at a good size to as not to strain your eyes while also making sure that the screen was not cluttered.

And yes you can easily move the chat box and swap its art work to have it at the bottom left corner instead of top right! There are instructions on how to do this and much more. You can disable class colours and set the colours of the background frames to anything you want. This UI is fully customisable and comes with a very nice Set-up AddOn that contains a list of helpful tips so that you can read them for help directly in the game rather than having to minimize WoW to load up the internet. It is suitable for all classes, specs and roles and comes in 4 different Resolutions. It is very possible to configure it yourself for other resolutions as well but the below four are just the ones I've fixed it to work for so far:

1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x900 and 1440x900

Please help me by offering constructive criticism/feedback and recommending it to friends if you like it. Thank you!

Screen Shots:


Setup Addon:

Chat Box in the Bottom Left Corner:


25 Player Healing:

Extra row of Action Bars at the Bottom:

There are many more screen shots available on the Information page...

I hope you like it! Any feedback is greatly appreciated but before asking questions please check the home page for extra information as well as the F.A.Q's at the bottom since the question may have already been answered:

Download Page with Information here!

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