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Temporary Workaround for the ExtraActionBar Issue

I just thought I'd share the workaround I have been using for the issue with the ExtraActionBar buttons. Please forgive me if this is seen as promoting other addons, as that is not my intention. I just felt it would be helpful to share so people don't have to constantly disable nui when they need to do quests like the Darkmoon Faire dailies. If you use the Ion addon (the newer version of the former Macaroon addon), all you should have to do is enable the "override" setting (under "Bar States") for the default "Action Bar 1". When you are doing a quest which would use the ExtraActionBar buttons, the normal keybinds will automatically activate the correct actions. As long as you don't drag any other actions to the bar, the buttons won't be visible outside of the quests and won't interfere with the nUI bars at all. Hopefully this will help out everyone while waiting for Scott and/or Xrystal to find a fix for the issue with nUI.