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Originally Posted by reddrumjay View Post
Yes, it's live. I shot myself out of the cannon and discovered the bar wasn't working the hard way. Lol
I had an even more interesting one the night before last. I was shot out of the canon, only to find in mid-air that my wings were missing! They were just simply not there to start with when I left the barrel. I tried a few more times to confirm and the same thing happened, then it just came right on its own. Weird stuff, and yes, those trees hurt!

I have found that the DMF action bars are working fine for me with 5.07.25 with the BetterExtraActionButtton installed and running, and playing on the Vek'nilash EU server. I get the expected bars on things like whack a gnoll etc, and I ran Ulduar 10 man last night and got the vehicle bar as expected.