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Major update has been done on the site. I revamped the look, and started adding new features.

* One of the biggest new features was something requested by a few people who are active at wowwiki. Specifically they wanted a way to view only the latest files, and have a way to statically link to them. In other words, a link that can be put on wowiki to any particular file, and have it ALWAYS display the latest version of that file. Previously linking to any of teh "source code" views of any particular file meant that it was always the file for that specific version that you were linking directly to. This meant that you would need to update your links on the wiki, or elsewhere whenever you wanted it to show the current version.

To solve this, I added a section called "Latest Builds" which will automatically update itself with the file list for the last live and test versions that were uploaded as a compare on wdn. As soon as a compare becomes available for a specific version, the latest page updates to reflect this. In addition to this, any file linked to from this page will show 'live' or 'test' instead of the specific version. This forces the source code view to display the file for the latest live or test version of that file.

* I had a few small requests for easier links. This was actually something I wanted to mess with and experiment with anyway, as having tons of junk in the link made it look messy, and non-typing friendly. The alternative was to use mod-rewrite which intelligently takes directory style links and passes them to my php pages the way they should be. This is done in teh background so you don't need to worry how it is happening. The good news is that now instead of a link like:

http://wdn.wowinterface.com/detail.p...=live&report=5 (be warned, this likely will no longer work)

you now have links that look like this:


This gets even more pronounced and logical when looking at source code for files:
That makes MUCH more sense doesn't it? Oh and it gets better... As I mentioned passing live or test in place of the version for source code works, and will ALWAYS show the current version for either the live or test server. As an example:


both those links go to the exact same file, and displays the source code. However when 1.12 goes live, the one that has "live" as the version will display the file for 1.12, not 1.11.2! This means that linking to the latter with "live" will ALWAYS show the current version of the file you want, and you don't need to update the link every time there is a new version!

That concludes my changes for tonight. Next up is a section that shows all of the functions defined in the interface files, and tells you where they are defined. I may even have them automatically open the source code for the file it is defined in, and jump to the line it is defined at...
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