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Post Addon Diagnostics [Addon Suggestion]

Hello Everyone .

I am not a coder my self, but I had this idea.

Addons keeps messing up (and who can live with out?) so I thought, would it be possible to make an "Addon Diagnostics" Addon that could scan for wich addons were causing troubles, ect. wich ones were in conflict?

It could work like this :

All addons disabled, it auto enables them 1 by 1
(this addon could be helpful : Addon Control Panel )

For each new addon enabled it checks for errors :
( these 2 addons could be helpful Bug-grabber and Bugsack ) if i understand correctly those 2 addons need to work together, so both might be needed.

It makes a log entry for each conflict / bug found and looks at wich addons were installed when the error occurred.

Now it pinpoints wich addon or addon configurations is causing errors and gives the player a suggestion to disable that specific addon.