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He said they didnt know it was patched, not that he didnt know about pandaria. I would assume that most of these people hating on the author are kids, I cant honestly believe an adult would be acting this way. I dont find anything rude in what he said, he simply stated it was there work, and didnt want anyone messing with it, and didnt ask anyone to mess with it, therefore a thank you isnt in order. Those that are saying rythals was working better, I beg to differ, I been using it since the first day and updated it with his following fixes and it never did work as good as it did pre 5.0.4 till the author just fixed it. Maybe u guys are messing up your installation by copying the other files to the old folder? I deleted old folders all together and put the new ones in, and everything is working great.

My map and cursor follows correctly now, zones i was having issues where it would be way off are fixed now, Distances to the quest in those zones are fixed now.