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I would gladly pay to download this addon; that is, if it worked. When 5.0 patched and Carbonite didn't work, this is the first place I came. Not to curse to fix bartender, recount, or omen, but here to fix Carbonite. I was so disappointed to find that it had been abandoned by the author. Then I read in the forums about Rythal and his updated version. I downloaded it and tested it. After a day of using it, I was sold. Know what I did? I sent Rythal $10. Know what Rythal did? He emailed me and said thank you. That is how customer service is supposed to work.

I have used Carbonite for years. I don't remember exactly how long I've been using it, but I would have to guess since about 2008, maybe 2007. Like all others have said, it was buggy every time I downloaded a new version, but I still enjoyed using it. If Rythal doesn't make another update when the next patch comes out, I will be very sad. And like I said before, I would love to pay for this addon to be maintained. If it comes down to it, make a deal with the community to pay 1% of all donations to the original authors for creating the addon, and the 99% of the donations to the maintainer who fixes it.