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My view is the disconnect here is between the authors intentions with the original add-on and Blizzards intentions for addons. Clearly the authors do not see this as a community project. That is their right. Its also a missed opportunity for the authors to show their generous side but it certainly is their inarguable right.

But since this is a community website lets talk about community solutions.

TBH most of the functionality of carbonite can be obtained through other addons, especially with the work Blizzard has done in game.

For me I make do with the following.

Mapster - Scalable World Map
Pocketplot - Minimap makeover
Minimap Button Frame - Manage those pesky buttons
Gathermate 2 - Up-to date gather node locations
Routes - Node pathing - (A bit flaky in 5.04 - not sure on maintenance activity, but imo its actually better than carbonite when it does work)
MiniHuge HUD - The key to efficient gathering, puts routes and the minimap nodes front and centre.
Who Framed Watcher Wabbit - The best quest tracker mod imo. Relies on Blizzard quest automation, but thats probably a good thing as I have yet to see an alternative that either works reliably or is updated through patches.
TomTomLite - I actually find this a better alternative to the full tom-tom - This one 'just works'.
Altoholic - keeping track of alts.
Breadcrumbs - The past defines the future.

I don't pvp so I suspect there might be some gaps in alternatives for that side functionality.

Out of all the above routes is the only one that is worrying me atm, its a key part of the package.

I would love it if someone came up with an efficient mod that handled the zooming maps side of things, preferably complete with blobs! Big ask I know but whoever does it will immediately be in the 10's of thousands of downloads territory.

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