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Hm. Just downloaded most of these. Haven't tested yet, but...

Mapster - Should do
Pocketplot - probably conflicts with nUI
Minimap Button Frame - Almost certainly conflicts with nUI, which has this functionality built in
Gathermate 2 - Should do (I've used it before)
Routes - I hope this works for me. If not, I'll hope for an update.
MiniHuge HUD - Interesting. Don't think it'll work with nUI, but we'll see.
Who Framed Watcher Wabbit - I haven't tested any, but I was intrigued by screenshots of Sorhaquestlog on Ace the other day, so I'll try 'em both.
TomTomLite - Unfortunately, there's some stuff in TomTom that isn't in here (at least not yet) that I want
Altoholic - Already using this.

In case it's not clear , if it doesn't work with nUI, it's out.