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Originally Posted by jc2470 View Post
If u are not complaining like a small little kid then it probably doesnt pertain to u. If u are then it is what it is.
Basically what most of these people are saying is, since it is digital property the developers have no claim to it, or they should just disregard all the work they put into it, and give it away. The Site says they have over 5000 hours into the project. That would be the same thing as someone giving me a old car, and all the stuff to restore it to new, or better than new for free, not costing me a single dime. I restore the car myself only costing me my own time, I leave the car sitting in a field and do nothing with it, so that car should be up for grabs for whoever wants it, because I wasnt doing anything with it. or better yet feel they are free to take parts off the car, because after all its just sitting there i havent touched it.

That sounds like something my little brother would do, or think he should be entitled to, since i wasnt doing anything with it, and thats only because he is a immature, selfish, spoiled little kid.
Ok if we go with your scenario, then at least be accurate. The little brother donated his money for you to fix that car with the agreement we could drive it. But now you left that car sitting in the field until it rusted over, and you're complaining that you don't have time to fix it anymore, and you don't make anything off of fixing it. So we find a mechanic to fix the car and you freak out because it's your car. Well, yes, it's your car but we just found someone to fix it for you for free. That means you don't have to slave over it, and you and your little brother get to drive it.

And since you're questioning the ages of people posting here, I'm 29 and a graphic designer. I understand copyright infringement and intellectual property theft all too well. I also understand that when opportunities arise that could help you and many people who depend on you, you don't spit in the face of the person or people offering you the help.