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Originally Posted by Agent Smith View Post
Ok if we go with your scenario, then at least be accurate. The little brother donated his money for you to fix that car with the agreement we could drive it. But now you left that car sitting in the field until it rusted over, and you're complaining that you don't have time to fix it anymore, and you don't make anything off of fixing it. So we find a mechanic to fix the car and you freak out because it's your car. Well, yes, it's your car but we just found someone to fix it for you for free. That means you don't have to slave over it, and you and your little brother get to drive it.

And since you're questioning the ages of people posting here, I'm 29 and a graphic designer. I understand copyright infringement and intellectual property theft all too well. I also understand that when opportunities arise that could help you and many people who depend on you, you don't spit in the face of the person or people offering you the help.
A couple of problems with your analogy. 1) The big brother (Carbonite) never accepted the little brothers (the users) donations (I use the word donation - not subscription) under the stipulation that they would drive the car. The big brother bought the car, fixed it, enhanced it and now let it sit in a field. Little brother comes along, contracts out (or does it himself) to have the car fixed a certain way. Big brother has two options - be thankful that little brother did a lot of work and big brother can use it. *or* be upset because big brother didn't want anyone else touching or restoring that car, it was *HIS* project and passion. Now, in both the automobile and the software examples, many people would absolutely hate for others to work on "their baby" - their project. I know of a few people who have run down vehicles that they have as a project to fix up "some day", they aren't fixing it up today, but if someone went in and fixed it up for them, they would be pissed off.

Now in terms of Carbonite, I don't believe they were furious at the fan update. But they want the users (community) to understand it is still their baby and they have not asked for another person to take it up and update it. I haven't seen where they have berated Rythal specifically for continuing the addon.