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Agent Smith
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I get that their license says they don't guarantee we can use it etc etc. However, what keeps people donating to their project is the fact that it's something we use on a regular basis and wish to show our support for the continued support and development of it.

That said, it seems like a pretty clear if unwritten understanding, we get to drive the car. And no, they didn't exactly berate Rythal, but I maintain my point that neither did they thank him or take advantage of an opportunity to lighten the load from their clearly full plates, by bringing him in on it. I'm a graphic designer and the one thing I live by is "don't marry it." Yes, I may have taken on a project. Yes, I may have worked on it for a long time to get it to where it is. But in the end, it's about making the client happy. That means taking feed back, sometimes taking on extra help from a colleague, and above all else showing appreciation to the client and to the person that helped me finish out the project.

If they had talked to Rythal, they could have released their official release minus the bugs that people are reporting again and focused instead on what Rythal was still working on. Pride and closed mindedness in conjunction with short snarky answers are just turning people away to find addons to replace Carbonite. I think in very short order donations and download will slow to a crawl, and then they WILL just stop developing it. There were a ton of people just waiting to donate if the creators made an official announcement that they were going to continue updating. Now those same people are renouncing carbonite and listing addons to replace it. For want of politeness the kingdom was lost...