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Originally Posted by Meganbtoo View Post
To you and all the scrawlers - this addon has been updated, without errors by someone over the last few weks. The only reason the original authors shifted off their butts was to hope you would send money - their only concern. I have managed to find addons to replace theirs, using less memory so I will not be back, but I look forward to the one the guy who managed to make this work far faster than the original guys creates. Don't forget - when this was created you had to pay for it, until Blizzard stopped the leeches. That is why they take so long to maintain it every patch - they do not get the one thing they care for - money ^^
Most of your comments regarding author simply shows how most of you simply feel entitled and can't see past that. All you're doing by berating author and cheering Rythal is creating a huge rift. Now you're putting the author in the awkward position where he's updating an addon for a user base who is throwing him under the bus. I wish most of you would've shut up and waited patiently for an update. Put things into perspective...... you all were complaining about not being able to use an addon when MoP isn't even out yet. Rythal is right. You guys have to have your carbonite like "crack", and when you don't, you react like addicts and become rude and forceful like you've shown towards the author.