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RDX 9.0.2_alpha release


Sorry for the delay.

And Sorry again because it is just an alpha version.

I didn't finish all I want to do unfortunately, but this version is enought stable so you can play with.

I did many mistakes with RDX8, complexe menu, maintaining too much desktops for a theme (solo, raid, arena, etc), the blizzard chatframe hard to work with etc ....

The new RDX9 should be easier to handle, managing themes, managing layouts for one theme, all the new desktop options. I even added some usefull stuff in the IDE to make it easier to see what you are designing.

I discovered that the timer engine in RDX 8 (and RDX7, 6 and 5) was working badly and was responsible of FPS limitation. The new timer engine is really working better, now I am able to see 120 fps, something I've never seen before.

So I hope you will like the new version. I will try to post later the descriptions of all the new features.

RDX manager

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