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Originally Posted by nexusguard View Post

OMG i luv how you can simplify things ...
What can I say ???? I'm a simple guy lol

I just wanted to get a, clear cut, quick overview out there, so peeps that didn't have the whole story, now have some sort of idea.

I know a lot of people have said that the OA's should take Rythal onto the team, in my view if I was Rythal, after the way he was treated when OA's came back (and hit him with the naughty stick n all) and they then turned round and asked him to join, my response would politely be along the lines of "Hell No, ya whining baby!" And I'm sure some will agree. Now I know some peeps will take this as a message of disrespect, this is not the case, I have great respect for what the OA's have done in the past. Just not for the way they have behaved in recent days.

I know this is kinda Hijacking the original topic so I'll try n shut up now