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Dugi--Until the fan update was posted, I had switched to using Dugi Questing Essential, Mappy (for the square, resizable minimap with coordinates), and a couple of other add-ons for sounds (which I'm still using, because I don't care for Carbonite's limited quest-completion sounds).

I was comfortable using all those, EXCEPT that I really NEED that resizable map-external questing arrow that Carbonite provides. My (nearly 63-year-old) eyes have a hard time with Blizz' tiny little questing arrow, which your add-on makes use of. I also don't like that that arrow DISAPPEARS when you are in close proximity to the quest objective, giving no further sense of direction if the objective is moving. Carbonite's tracking arrow keeps track of those changes of direction, generally speaking, which is helpful to me.

I, too, like the incorporated maps in Carbonite, and the ability to have the minimap shown within the small map, square, and docked when inside. I like the dungeon maps, etc., but often forget to use them. Mostly I'm just a quest tracker, and sometimes I use the right-click "go to" capabilities to find a cave entrance or something like that.

If Carbonite goes down completely, I will probably switch to your Essential add-on. Does the paid version expand quite a bit on the free one?

For now, I'm basically happy with the fan-modded version of Carbonite, and if the official version that was patched last week ever gets patched again to fix the problems it created with that patch, I'll happily go back to it. If not, then I was already considering Dugi Questing. Thank you for posting here.

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