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Dominos and Nui problem

I held off until the latest update to mention this because I had hoped it would have been fixed. Alas, this was not the case and my problem persists so here goes.

I use both Nui and Dominos and until patch 5 rolled out there was never any problem with either. However, since the release of the latest Blizzard patch, I cannot page through my Dominos action bars (keybind Shift+up arrow/Shift+down arrow).

Virtually I can still scroll/page through my action bars, but visually the action bar is static. If I allow Nui to show the main action bar then scrolling (using the keybinds described above) functions for it, but still not for my Dominos bar.

If I disable Nui completely then my Dominos action bar functions normally.

I didn't want to have to post this because I'm not really that knowledgeable about how addons work or interact and I'm not sure how to help in the troubleshooting of such an issue.

Still, this persistent problem affects my gameplay negatively and I'm desperate for a solution.