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To answer the question "What does Dominos action bars do for me that Nui doesn't/can't":

I figure a picture is worth a thousand words. Basically the layout I prefer is none of the buttons over the Nui "console"(for lack of a better word) appear unless I mouse over them. I prefer it that way, but I have them turned "on" now because of my issue.

The action bar buttons just above the recount panel are my bread and butter buttons. You can tell I'm a shaman.

The small block of buttons in the light blue circle ordinarily allows me to page through all my action bars and I have them keybound to snap to the normal position with a single key stroke. I prefer it this way because I play with the software Switchblade which allows me to use a wireless XBOX controller to play the game and without going into too much detail about that, I've been playing this way since the launch of BC and have no intentions of changing my game style.

If there is a way to recreate the dominos configuration using Nui I am open to that. I haven't discovered a method on my own but would be very interested to do so. I would in fact love to abandon Dominos in favor of an integrated Nui methodology for recreating what I do with Dominos if anyone wants to help me with that.


EDIT: To simplify things, all I wish to be able to do is not only move my action bars around (including and especially the main bar), but to also resize them, change the orientation (from a single row of 12 buttons to any combination of rows and buttons as in a block of 4 by 3).

If possible I would also like to be able to reduce the number of buttons in a given action bar from 12 to as few as one if it suits me.

These tasks are what I use Dominos for since I don't see any way to use Nui to do it.

Thanks agian.

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