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No it doesn't. It's only ever used in the dungeons and raids. the Override Bar and the PlayerAlt Bar are used for quests that have special effects or abilities. Hence the problem I have in testing any attempt at a fix for it. I no longer have any of my guildie friends playing now that I can ask to risk a wipe to try it out. And I would not ask anyone else to do the same. Alot of people take that stuff seriously enough that I would rather have people find an addon that will work for them until Scott can put his far greater knowledge to work and have it working when version 6 hits.

Dominoes I think though may be a bit too much as it pretty much replaces EVERY bar nUI has and seeing as nUI is pretty much a unit frame and bar addon rolled into one with extra features it seems to me to defeat the point in having the two running at the same time.

That said, nUI 5.07.26 includes all my changes including the override bar leaving only the extra action bar left to work via another addon for the time being.

As to my attempts at fixing this problem, at the moment, the best I've been able to do with my knowledge of Action Bars that nUI creates is to have the Extra Action Bar appear when needed. However, it would currently override the main action bar which, isn't a good thing as the abilities on the main action bar are still required. So, the need to create a special bar like the possess bar that nUI has would need to be done for the extra action bar but I am not sure what will need to be changed in the possess bar code to work for the extra action bar apart from the Base Action Bar Frame Work name.