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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Yeah the LUA error when opening the world map is tedious. Turning of the taintlog makes it fade?
To get the error 100% guaranteed:
1) Activate taintlog
2) Go into combat
3) Open the map
4) Enjoy the bug

Doesn't matter if you open the map in or after the combat, this is only the point in time the error seem to start. Because when I open the map out of combat directly after login, I don't get an error. But every single time after the first combat sequence the error comes.

By turning off the taintlog with either /console taintLog 0 or (SetCVar("taintLog", 0) from within an addon) the error is gone.

Of course, without a tainlog, we won't get a taintlog... But currently it's the lesser of two evils as I see it.

I also tried first producing the error, then turning off the taintlog with /console taintLog 0, then trying to reproduce it. And the good news is that a /reload isn't required. The bug stops appearing the instant the taintLog is turned off.
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