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Originally Posted by cheriea99 View Post
I have the same issue with the blank quest log from time to time, but I also have a problem that occurs after I get the blank quest log, which is where the original Blizzard quest log comes back and is about 1 square inch in size at the top left of my screen.
I got this issue as well except when the Blizzard log showed up, it was normal size. So I just went into Carbonite options and chose to show the Carbonite log by alt-L so that the Blizzard one opens by default.

I can live with this. Also the tracked quests vanish sometimes and then a few seconds later they appear again.

I have a separate copy of wow in another directory based on the European client (for the Russian language for my wife to play), however Carbonite map and quest tracking do not function. I have no troubles going to Carbonite's options, however nothing will make the map and all appear. I am assuming this is a localization issue and not a Carbonite issue - am I correct?