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Name of Addon more prominent on comments tab

When I go to the comments tab for an addon page, the only indication (other than possibly in the comments) as to what addon I'm looking at is a (relatively) small-font line under the navbar that says (for example) WoWInterface > Site Forums > Site help, bugs, suggestions/questions > Post New Thread.

Except, on this page, Post New Thread is bolded; on the comments page for addons, it's not always (Just now, on Fishing Buddy it wasn't; on Archy, it is...). Could it please be changed so that the name of the addon is more prominent... larger preferably, bolded consistently, something... I frequently tell my browser to open a bunch of windows in background tabs (like, right-clicking all the ones that show as updated in my favorites list) and go away for a few minutes while it does that, and come back and wonder what I'm looking at...

Thank you!
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