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Originally Posted by Rammoth View Post
plus since there is no micromenu
Ummmmm........ It's in the upper right corner.

Originally Posted by Inuka View Post
Not a fan of xperl and the fact that your player/target frames don't line up, as well as the different textures being used everywhere.
The player / target frames line up just fine. There is an extra power bar in the player frame since he's in cat form.

The only different textures I can see in the screen shot are on the buff bars. I figure that's the player's choice to have them that way.

The only thing that I would do is make the buff bars shorter (personal choice, that) and I think I'd do something about that minimap. Yeah, it looks neat, but I would have a difficult time with it trying to see things at a glance. Again, my personal choice.

imDfekt, if things look and work good for you, that's all that counts. If you decide to put it up for download, the end user can (and probably will) change whatever they want.

Again, this is just my personal opinion.
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