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For some weird reason I was in Ammen Vale (Draenei new toon starting area on Azuremyst Isle) yesterday and discovered that this area is always shown on the map/mini-map as 'unexplored' even if you've already explored everything. Ammen Vale is one of those map boxes within an area map, like those for Stormwind and other major cities.

While I was inside Ammen Vale I accidentally unchecked the mini-maps 'Show unexplored areas' box and was surprised to see its map turn almost black, it was considerably darker than normal for unexplored areas, almost but not quite unusable. The strange thing is, if I place the screen cursor at the very edge of the mini-map so the cursor is outside the boundaries of the Ammen Vale map then the color of the map will change temporarily to its normal 'explored everything' color.

P.S. Just now found out today that the same thing happens with the Teldrasil map.

Also, I have the same map behavior as 'Goranth' detailed.
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