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Originally Posted by eqsanctum View Post
Then I would suggest DG make it completely modular.

-Map (like Carbonite's 'world map/BG map' that's always displayed [default])
-Quest Tracking
-"Taxi Cab" Arrow
-Achievement Tracking
-Sound (ie quest completion, waypoint reach sound effects)
--probably a few more

Basically, try and modularize (don't think it's a work, but feck it!) based on like-API. That way if Blizzard changes something. It won't break the entire mod.

A good example would be Altoholic, which had it's Data Broker module break after the recent hotfix (5.0.5 I think). Because it was modular the rest of the addon remained fully operational.

//Side Note

-Sorry, I thought the Quest DB was needed to track beyond the '10 (or what ever it is) trackable quests at a time' limit. And what quests don't have an objective? Or is that in reference to not being able to track Achievements, which is just..."working as intended", it's a Quest tracker after all ().

-But there's no reason for DG to make his addon a "total replacement" addon, it'll just overwhelm him.

-(skip, Devs shouldn't be pissed off if Blizzard incorporates a change that they did as an addon)

-Again, why would you want a screen section full of text? If it's a simple fix then fine, but if it's a long involved process of shoe-horning API calls to the Questing API into a temp DB then F-it, not worth it.

-Dailies reset midnight, server time; check the clock

-As for the purple lotus thing, the point was that Carbonite's quest tracking system (which doesn't use Blizzard's) is flawed, I don't want DG's turning into something like that.

-Again, pointing out why DG is fine as it is. The more people want it to do, the worse it will become. It was probably easier for Carbonite's team to just make a new container to put the BG Maps into than to get them to work with in one "Map Container". I want it nice and simple so if DG decides to move on others can quickly pick it up and maintain it.

--Again, make it modular. Please DG.