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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
(Post quote edited for just the information I wanted, then I made it bold, italicized and underlined it.)

Just so you know (if you didn't already): That's how Carbonite works. However, apparently, not too many people uploaded their SV's so the data base could be more complete. If you doubt me, just have a look at the very top "sticky" in the "Carbonite Database/Quests" forum.
Just for additional info on his question and your answer, here's a post I made on 05-07-2012 where I asked about the "value" in uploading DB files to Carbonite. Note: It's the top part of that post, not the other comment on the bottom of it. I never got one reply to my question.

The following is a link to my post, not the "Sticky" post...

I'm still wondering if it's worthwhile to do it. I was doing it, but I've stopped, because I've never seen any improvement in the nodes I'm "routing" to.