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Originally Posted by CatmoriaonWrA View Post
I am very disappointed to see that when I log on to WoW to start my journey into the mists that carbonite has NOTHING for it. There are no maps for Pandaria or the Pandarian starter area, there are no Pandaria quests in the database. Basically Carbonite is takeing up space on my memory for NO reason at this point. All I want to do is play in the new xpac content but Carbonite is such a large portion of my leveling and questing that without it I feel lost. I know that you had a Carbonite for the beta, so why didn't you make the new release with MoP content in the database? When will I be able to use my Carbonite in Pandaria? Please respond. P.S. Sorry if I was a bit rantish for a minute there but I just can not LIVE without my carbonite to level with
They never had a Carbonite for the beta.