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Originally Posted by Draven006 View Post
Is it just me or don't you all think that the Dev of Carboninte are being a bit full of ****?

Rythal does a great job, Carbonite comes along, flips their head, then releases a CRAP version to "just make it work," and then go back into hiding?

I really mean WTF?

Am i missing something here? is there a secret forum i dont know about?
Has Rythal's AWESOME Updates gone underground?

If there is a secret i should know PLEASE email me.
[email protected]
I suggest you try reading the threads before "calling" the authors out. At the very least, take some of the time you demand the authors make to correct the addon to read through the threads. If you don't even know about Rythals site, I don't expect you to see or understand anything that the authors have posted or their situation.