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Kiwiiwoorman, have you checked your quest log?
Is the quests turned on or off?

I'm asking cus though I haven't started a panda yet, I do my self, have some issues with not all quests ending up on my quest watch list.

I noticed this the other night. There was an npc who had 2 quests for me and accepting 1 of those quests, gave me both. Problem was that only 1 quest showed in the quest watch list, while the second quest was in the quest list, but not showing it self as it should.
I was able to turn it on manually to show in my questlog, but the issue with different quests kept occuring.

I don't know, ofc, if it's a known bug prior to MoP, but I've used Cabonite for 3-4 years or so and never had the issue before.

Just a little input from here