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Actually, if you install the latest release (5.051) you can get most of the quests in the Pandarian starting area to show on Carbonites map by making sure that you have the "Quest POI" tracking activated in the default tracking utility provided by Blizzard. Just click on the magnifying glass minimap icon, and check "Quest POI" in the list.

One caveat to that, though, is that the "go see this person for your next quest" type of quests won't show up. I have absolutely no idea why. Perhaps it is because I am not doing something correctly.

Also, please be aware that the "bread crumb" quests that give you the "Click the "?" to complete quest" message in the Quest Watch window occasionally do not work correctly with the current Carbonite. The "?" you are supposed to click on sometimes doesn't show up in Carbonite. The message is there, just not the click-able "?". The work-around for that is to open the default quest log (alt + L) and press the "Complete" button on the bottom.

Rythal is working on the glitches, and improving how Carbonite is currently operating, as fast as he possibly can. Please, let's all be be patient.
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