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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
Also, please be aware that the "bread crumb" quests that give you the "Click the "?" to complete quest" message in the Quest Watch window occasionally do not work correctly with the current Carbonite. The "?" you are supposed to click on sometimes doesn't show up in Carbonite. The message is there, just not the click-able "?". The work-around for that is to open the default quest log (alt + L) and press the "Complete" button on the bottom.
Its odd that this issue has come back up. Mine has been working great and has been since the original devs fixed it in Cata. I was so pissed when I got my first such quest (I think it was stonecore) and I did like 2-3 runs before I shut down Carb to complete the quest run as well LOL. I do have issues where it randomly doesn't show an objective or completion point & I have to Alt+M or Enable POI's but this is already known.