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Originally Posted by Solgath View Post
seems it was carbonite.. the joy, wish i could atleast replace the "google map" feature of carbonite, thats all i really use... /sigh

edit: yep its carbonite, seems its missing the graphic or something for the new battle pet tracking icon so it bugs out, makes the icon look corrupted.
You're probably using the "official" Carbonite v5.041 release for MOP. That was a "quicky" release that has a bunch of its own problems.

After MOP went official a fellow by name of Rythal started going through Carbonites code and making his own fixes as the Carbonite authors were pretty slow in releasing a MOP update. Unfortunately the official update doesn't work all that well. Last weekend, after some discussion between Rythal and the Carbonite authors, Carbonite was released into the public domain and Rythal has taken it over. Go to Rythal's blog site, http://rythal.com/ to get the latest Carbonite news and update. I believe the latest update, v5.0.5.01, has already fixed your specific problem.

As of now Rythal's blog is the only site for getting current plugin info and up-to-date versions as the official site only has the problematic 5.041 version. The current official site is very much useless ancient news.

I would guess that some time in the future, after Rythal finishes updating the 5.041 code with his fixes, it'll probably become available on Curse.com and the Curse Client. At least I sure hope it does!
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