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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Yeah I turned off the donation links here on WoWUI rather then change them to myself mostly because at this point the code is still 95% Faatal's, and I feel guilty taking donations for someone elses work.
Lurking too until today...

It was wise to remove the Donate button at this stage, since a lot, LOT, of people think 'donation' equals 'payment'... those people "donate" in order to receive something back, so a lot of people will "donate" and demand an update with all bugs fixed ASAP because they are giving you money to do so, which is not the case.

As a software developer, I understand the significant amount of time and effort required to understand another dev's code, then refactoring it, fix bugs, add new features, etc..., it is of course no child's play. I suppose you are not 'full time' on carbonite so you have to find your own pace; I bet you do not need the "I'm paying for your addon" pressure.

For the ones who think that donation = payment, if someone was to "donate" and demand development on carbonite, I would require at least $2,000 USD for 2 weeks, full time attention on the addon. A $15 donation is just a way to say "thank you", but certainly will not pay the bills...

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