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Originally Posted by Rainrider View Post
You both missed the last argument of the ClassIcons' PostUpdate function, which tells you whether the number of bars changed.
No, I didn't. The problem is that oUF does not consider the number to have changed the first time it updates the element, so you need to set your own flag if you want to run some code when the value changes or if the element is being updated for the first time.

Also, I'm not sure what "call to ForceUpdate" you're referring to. My code never calls the element's ForceUpdate method. Remember that Lua is case-sensitive; "forceUpdate" is not the same as "ForceUpdate", and so both keys -- the former containing my boolean flag, the latter containing oUF's function -- will coexist the same table without any conflicts or any relation to each other.

You're right, though, that combo points should be created for all classes. Many vehicles use them. I don't know about current content since I'm not really playing the game 99% of the time I'm logged in, but there have been encounters in the past (eg. Malygos) where vehicle combo points were critical to being able to use the vehicle successfully.
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