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Projected XP for pets

Is it possible to have a screen for XP Pet Battle that would show the project XP per pet during the battle. For Example: The battle I just entered has 1 rare and 2 uncommon all level 7 versus my team when has 2 rares, one uncommon and 7, 5, 6 respectively. Due to this the total XP 150 and there are difficulty bouns of 25xp and 10xp for the lvl 5 and 6. My level 7 starts the fight. The screen shows:

[insert lvl 7 name] 150XP.

After a round I bring in my level 5 so the screen would show:
[Lvl 7 Name] 75XP
[Lvl 5 Name] 75XP + 25XP Difficulty 100XP

Then I added the 3rd pet
[Lvl 7 Name] 50XP
[Lvl 5 Name] 50XP + 25XP Difficulty 75xp
[Lvl 6 Name] 50XP + 10XP Difficulty 60xp

Then the level 5 pet dies bringing it back to:
[Lvl 7 Name] 75XP
[Lvl 6 Name] 75XP + 10XP Difficulty 85XP

The point would be that its dynamic and would keep a "running total" of the xp but not something in a chat box. Is this something that is even possible?
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