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Originally Posted by Hexhiss View Post
I have a serious question to pose to the AUTHORS, and it is this. Would you guys be willing to partially release the license to allow others to continue updating the source code so that the addon can continue? I personally LOVE Carbonite. All the enhancements that this addon provides are invaluable in-game. From the quest tracking to the comprehensive map integration and function, this addon has it all. I would truly HATE to see this one go the way of the dodo. I would be interested in learning how to write the lua and various codes to keep this addon going. Please email me at [email protected]. Anything I can do to help keep this fantastic addon going....
Umm, no offence, but did you even read the first post of this thread? They have released the full code under the GPL(open source). Rythal is the new maintainer, and is even now working on updating it with his existing fixes. He and maybe others will continue to work on it.