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Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
I'm guessing this has been asked/requested before, but is there any [plans to implement a] way to try an aura against more than one condition, without "combining" auras? For example if I'd want to activate if I don't have a certain buff and it's off cooldown, (is this specific case possible in some other way?) or a certain time remaining on the buff/cooldown.
The easy way to do this i to make 2 auras:
- buff check (make it 100% transparent)
- cooldown check

In cooldown display :
- go to activataion
- support triggers
- set it to 'Dispay State' (just on the right of 'Support Triggers' text)
- choose buff check display : shown

This way the 'cooldown check' aura will only display in condtions given by you.