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I'm hoping 5.1 comes out before heart of fear. It's really a lot of work to set up auras, and with parent display dialog bug just makes it worse.

Some work around I did. When adding a timer as a child display. I change the main texture to a symbol, so that way I can find it easy in the parent display dialog. Then change it back to use texture based on buff/debuff.

Anyway here is the latest error that I got when doing dailies.
434x PowerAuras-5.0.0.P\Classes\Displays\Timer.lua:37: TexCoord out of range
<in C code>
PowerAuras-5.0.0.P\Classes\Displays\Timer.lua:37: in function <PowerAuras\Classes\Displays\Timer.lua:31>
PowerAuras-5.0.0.P\Classes\Displays\Timer.lua:137: in function <PowerAuras\Classes\Displays\Timer.lua:125>

texture = <unnamed> {
0 = <userdata>
number = -1243478
leading = true
units = -8
tens = -124348