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Yea, I'm in same boat with quests on map. Sometimes it shows sometimes it doesn't, but I use alt+l then show for wows and its still doesn't work. Been using carbonite since 1st released, and since its new ownership, I'm hanging in there. Things take time when someone takes over a mod, and I can't think of many that would take on such a project. If people post issues, loc, zones, problems etc. it should help the new developer hopefully to resolve some issues.

There are so many fans of this addon, and not many no how or what information to give that could help. I'm in that same situation, and don't post. I too was a paid subscriber, and feel any contribution helps keep this website going, so no out of pocket to the new owner. With time I feel this addon will be at 100% again, thanks to such a loyal fan, and someone who can and willing to keep carbonite alive. Thanks for at least having the minimap working, and at times showing where to go in the new mop zones for quests, not always but still nice to have.

Thank you so much