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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
...As for when a new version, there is no current ETA ...
In other words, it's working on his machine.. but uploading the fixes for everyone else to use is a bigger pain in the butt than he's willing to expand on... so I permanently give up on Carbonite and it's constant supply of developers taking the project over only to have lack of dedication despite the fact that some of us have donated to every single developer that has tried to do anything with this project.

Final straw, wow mod devs are not as active and concerned about the community and the "fame" that comes with developing mods. I understand, I really do.. you get what you pay for.. OR, you get paid what you work for.. as to why I'm never donating to mod developers ever again. It's just a waste of money for people that will lose dedication at the same rate a chip monk forgets where he's hidden his stash of nuts.

And yes, I was one of those people that actually PAID for Carbonite back in the day."

^ This is the message you prevented today Rythal. Donation incoming. Please for the love of wow, keep updating this addon REGULARLY and WITH THE WOW UPDATES. Thank you.

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