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Originally Posted by timmarc18 View Post
I installed the newest version of Carbonite today. Proceed to play and try it out everything seems to be in working order except the herb nodes are not where the map says they are. They are more to the south west of the spot the maps say. Any way to sync this up?

If you mean the Carbonite imported nodes data base, those are known locations where a node has been gathered before. Nodes are random spawns, and there is no way to know where or when they will spawn or how long they will be at that point once they do spawn.

In other words, there is no actual way for an addon to get the information about where a node has actually spawned, so any addon that has a data base for gatherables is actually a collection of coordinates that show where a certain node has spawned at some point in the past.

Basically, no, there is no way to "sync this up". The only thing you can do is travel around checking possible spawn locations until you find a node that has spawned for you to gather. And, on top of that, Carbonites nodes data base is not even close to being up to date. The good thing, however, is that it "learns" where you gather something as you go.
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