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Allow me to add my thanks to all of you for this wonderful addon. Carbonite is so important to many of us playing WoW, adding to our enjoyment of the game - many of us (me included) would be totally lost without this incredible addon. I certainly can't imagine playing WoW without it!

Faatal & Haavoc - thank you for creating and developing Carbonite. We can see it was a labor of love, and a true service to the WoW community. As a grown up IT professional myself, I know that life, family, work and such can get in the way. Heck, I've had to take time off of WoW myself to attend to more pressing issues, and I respect that you both have allowed others to take up where you both let off. You have the thanks of many more than just the people who have commented here. There are some very talented and ethical people here who I think will treat this code with the respect and love it deserves.

Rythal - you have remained respectful and classy throughout this whole experience and have deferred to the original authors in every way. They are lucky that you will be intrinsic to the next generation of development, as I believe you will continue to honor their efforts and hold true to the integrity of the project - you're just that kind of guy, from what I've read here and on other sites.

Thank you again, and I wish you all nothing but success and joy on your journeys. You have made many people and guilds incredibly happy and I look forward to the evolution of this great addon.