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Talking My Cute Lil UI!

^_^;; Hi hi my first time around..

I didn't really know where to post this so.. I thought it might be here, please don't be harsh or too critical on me.


Can you look at this and tell me what should I add or remove? I like it to be fancy and always dreamed of making it with what I have now but fancier and looks cute, like Insomniax except Insomniax doesn't have what I want but it looks good. -drools-

I use a lot of mods because I actually use the functionality, and.. I found a list in WTF folder, I hope it's not too long -

Atlas: enabled
Auctioneer: enabled
ChatScroll: enabled
CT_RaidAssist: enabled
DamageMeters: enabled
Darkmoon: enabled
Decursive: enabled
ElitePlayerFrame: enabled
Enchantrix: enabled
EnhTooltip: enabled
FelwoodGather: enabled
GroupCalendar: enabled
Informant: enabled
LootHog: enabled
MapCoords: enabled
ntmysFixLoadingTimes: enabled
ReagentData: enabled
ReagentInfo: enabled
sct: enabled
sct_options: enabled
SheepWatch: enabled
Stubby: enabled
QuickLoot: enabled
TheoryCraft: enabled
TitanLootHog: enabled
BonusScanner: enabled
Titan: enabled
TitanAmmo: enabled
TitanBag: enabled
TitanClock: enabled
TitanCoords: enabled
TitanHonorPlus: enabled
TitanItemBonuses: enabled
TitanLootType: enabled
TitanMoney: enabled
TitanPerformance: enabled
TitanRegen: enabled
TitanRepair: enabled
TitanRider: enabled
TitanStanceSets: enabled
TitanXP: enabled
TitanZoneSpeed: enabled
TotemTimers: enabled
WeaponQuickSwap: enabled
AutoBuff: enabled
ChatLog: enabled
LootLink: enabled
CT_UnitFrames: enabled
Bartender: enabled
BetterEXP: enabled
CT_MailMod: enabled
CT_RABossMods: enabled
GuildEventManager2: enabled
IBRezTimer: enabled
simpleMinimap: enabled
linkSnag: enabled
RecipeBook: enabled
CritLine: enabled
TitanCritLine: enabled
ItemRack: enabled
Adapt: enabled
BankStatement: enabled
CallToArms: enabled
ChatLogger: enabled
ChatTimestamp: enabled
Badapples: enabled
Chatmanager: enabled
Notebook: enabled
!ClearFont: enabled
Confab: enabled
Cryolysis: enabled
DiscordLibrary: enabled
DiscordUnitFrames: enabled
DiscordUnitFramesOptions: enabled
eCastingBar: enabled
EquipCompare: enabled
FishingBuddy: enabled
GFW_HuntersHelper: enabled
FriendsFacts: enabled
Gatherer: enabled
!ImprovedErrorFrame: enabled
KLHThreatMeter: enabled
MarsProfessionOrganizer: enabled
MetaMap: enabled
MetaMapBKP: enabled
MetaMapBLT: enabled
MetaMapBWP: enabled
MetaMapCVT: enabled
MetaMapEXP: enabled
MetaMapFWM: enabled
MetaMapZSM: enabled
MonkeyBuddy: enabled
MonkeyClock: enabled
MonkeyLibrary: enabled
MonkeyQuest: enabled
MonkeySpeed: enabled
myAddOns: enabled
MyChannel: enabled
myMemory: enabled
myReloadUI: enabled
!OmniCC: enabled
Opium: enabled
OutfitDisplayFrame: enabled
QuestLevel: enabled
RecipeRadar: enabled
RessChatter: enabled
SemiTransparentBags: enabled
Aspected: enabled
!StopTheSpam: enabled
SuperInspect: enabled
SuperInspect_UI: enabled
TipBuddy: enabled
TitanAllPlayed: enabled
TrackerBar: enabled
TrinketMenu: enabled
!!Warmup: enabled
ZoneLevel: enabled
AtlasLoot: enabled
CT_PlayerNotes: enabled
FlexBar: enabled
IsMounted: enabled
Soundtrack: enabled

One or two I probably don't use and it's still in there I don't know why but yes that's what I have, using myMemory addon, I get about or up to 100mb when I press ctrl-r.

So... I'm curious, what should I add to my screen or remove to make it look good?

And... is there a mod that fade or disappear everything you see currently on the screen until I mouse over it? Does it save memory?

I think that's it. Thank you. ^_^
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