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Originally Posted by TheGeek View Post
That looks amazing!

Checkout Topaz Labs, they have some really great filters that help clean up the textures--I use them from time to time when I want a more cartoon look.

I like the shot; I wanted to do something similar when I had multiple toons; now I only have my one Paladin.

As for rigging--it would be awesome if we could, but like you said after a little work it's not difficult.

I am working on a little video; nothing big, just a little Public Service Announcement--it's been about a year long project, might be done with it this year.

Believe it or not - the textures came out pretty well, although I did have to adjust the normals on the lower half of my priest's robe. Most of the trouble came down to attaching (and scaling) the shoulders, helms, and weapons - as the existing FBX exporter doesn't export those "separate" pieces.

Eventually I'd like to take some time to read up more on the m2 and wmo formats - and try my hand at making a viewer. I know there's quite a few different versions - including an m2 import script for 3ds max, but nothing seemless or accurate enough to really work with.

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