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Originally Posted by Jasmer View Post
I started a rogue and noticed there isn't a slice and dice tracker in Raven or the hud. I vaguely remember Nib releasing a slice and dice module for NibIceHud, but I cannot seem to locate it.

Also, still looking for an answer regarding changing the class colors. Currently I can only get them changed for /say, but in chat, nameplates, tooltips, and various other UI elements they still seem to be default colors. I was hoping to change them all to Haleth's class colors to match Aurora.
There is indeed a Slice and Dice bar, you can go to World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\nibIceHUD\modules to verify this. Open the icehud options and
1. check the modules settings list for "SliceAndDice"
2. check your profiles for RealUI of RealUI-HR and make sure one of those is enabled
3. if the bar still doesn't show select the SliceAndDice category and pm me a screenshot

RealUI does not support custom class colors at the moment. Ill look into it.

Originally Posted by verrda View Post
I have been havign an issue trying to use Elder Charms of Good Fortune

been in two LFR and two Normal mode Raids and once a boss goes down the window should be popping up if I want to sue an elder charm.

Thing is, it isn't

Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it?
Do you have any Elder Charms to use? RealUI does not effect this system, so it is either an outside addon (read: not included in RealUI) or you just don't have any

Originally Posted by Treakon View Post
I have set the profiles for RealUI and RealUI-HR, but they still seems to be missing?
If i check the configuration, they seems to be there, just not showing when unchecked.
I realy need them for tracking dots on my ballance druid.

BTW, thx for a realy good work on this UI, don't know what to do without it
go into the config and make sure the bar is checked for your spec. if the issue persists, see the reply to Jasmer subbing in the appropriate bar name.

Originally Posted by MarcusQuinn View Post
When I type /icehud and hit enter, nothing happens. It doesn't even clear /icehud from the screen. It's like it gets stuck. And if I try to use the GUI button to get to nibIceHUD's config, it doesn't do anything.
Check the Blizz UI options (esc -> interface) look for nibIceHUD in the addon list you can open options from there. if its not listed, make sure you have the addon enabled

Originally Posted by Emophia View Post
Love the UI but I think you should make a bigger pet frame for pet classes.

I normally set my pet as my focus to bypass but sometimes you need to have others as your focus.

Thanks for the awesome UI regardless though!
please see this reply

Originally Posted by ravx25 View Post
I did a Sha of Anger raid today and the Bonus Roll wndow was 90% off the top of the screen. It didn't do this on my LFR earlier in the day. Does this have something to do with changing grid to 40 man to compensate for it now showing correctly on Sha raids and maybe not changing it back? Why would it be in one place on the LFR and another on Sha? Is there a way I can make that window show so I can move it?
I have not seen this at all, and grid would not be the cause. did you change anything else or have any other addons that modify loot?

Originally Posted by Baddieqt View Post
Is the achievment frame bugged? Or is it supposed to be like that?

For example, I've done 749pet battles, but on the 1000 pet battles achievment it says 0/1000.

Or is it any addon 'blocking' this to go thru?
You can try disabling Aurora. if it still is not displaying properly, this is most likely an outside addon conflicting with something or a bug in blizz's code.
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