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Originally Posted by demanl View Post
Yep same thing happened to me. This fix was not tested..

Sorry for my bluntness......having my main button bar go blank...losing my main attack abilities messed me up...sorry.

Was in the Shado-pan monastery heroic dungeon...last boss...start the fight and the meditate button appears...which I have never seen b4.....which was cool....but my main attack bar that has my keybindings 1-12 on it looked like it was cleared. I could not roll it or anything. Strange and aggravating bug with no really good way to test other than to fight the last shado-pan boss....and see it for yourself. And if the bug occurs...wipe the fight...adjust the code and then try again........This test strat blows.. But I don't no of any other way to test.
The fix that was applied was tested as per the thread in the link in my signature. Something however must have gone wrong when it was added to the proper version, which happened after I went to bed as I saw the update this morning. Several people however did confirm that my fix was working both in quests and dungeons before it was applied to the main release code.

I will take a look at the code differences and see what might have been missed out accidently. There is another way to test it outside of dungeons via some of the quests in the panda zone but I just passed by one after spending a few hours testing nUI6's button bars to see how they worked with it. I had previously tested similarly for my own fix before moving on.