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Lightbulb Quest Tracker Not Showing Quests

Not sure if this is the proper forum, but hope it is. Anyway...

The quest tracker is one of the most valuable tools for me in Carbonite. The list shows what quests are completed, what needs to be completed, arranges the quests according to location, etc. It saves me TONS of time, especially in Panderia.

Don't know what happened, but lately, either one quest will show in the menu, or none at all. Nothing I do seems to change the quests that does show. I've rechecked the distance & terriority filters, as well as other filters. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled Carbonite. I'm using the latest version (?) 5.053.

If someone could give me some direction in this, I'd sure appreciate it.

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Ok, the problem seemed to have suddenly fixed itself. Guess the grimlins got bored and went on.
Anyway, if you can figure out what causes this and how to resolve it, in the event it happens next time, I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks bunches!

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